Quarry Bay Tree Walk - WWII Wartime Stoves in Hong Kong 2019

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Hiking in the morning always seems impractical for me. So I like looking for short trails which are accessible from MTR stations. Near Quarry Bay Station, the Quarry Bay Tree Walk is around 1.1km in length. Signs are planted along the trail with introduction of trees like Polyspora axillaris (Big Head Tea) and Ormosia semicastrata. It overlaps with part of Wilson Trail Section 2 and Eastern Nature Trail, intersecting Mount Parker Road and Kornhill. Area around the Quarry Bay Tree Walk is an important military base during World War II, where you can find abandoned stoves and warehouses.



Bistro Lane

HKD 164 x 1

During times I worked in Quarry Bay, I never explored the nearby area. Today, those good old small restaurants I used to visit are already gone. Inside one of the small lanes, we found this new Taiwanese restaurant. We ordered minced pork rice with chicken thighs and noodles with chicken in soup, which are nice.

Quarry Bay Municipal Services Building

Passing the MTR station, turn right when you see the signpost for "Mount Parker Road Green Trail". We dropped in this building for the public washroom outside a library on 5/F.

Woodside Biodiversity Education Centre

Go up the concrete road, there is a building in red bricks on the right side, called "Woodside House" in short. Give it a visit if you are interested in biology or palaeoecology of Hong Kong, with free admission.

Quarry Bay Tree Walk (Mount Parker Road waypoint)

After a few more minutes' walk, here is the tree walk entrance, with an overhead signpost on the left side. You will finish this walk in an hour of slow walking. Although there are no spectacular views, do expect a comfortable walk under shadows of trees, which is suitable for visit in summer. Remember to take a look at signs by roadside, with introduction of various local tree species.

Wartime Stoves

You can find stoves and warehouses around, which are for military use during the World War II fight with Japanese. If you like to go round the Hong Pak Country Trail, turn right here going up the hill and it will take an extra two hours.

Quarry Bay Tree Walk (Hong Pak Country Trail waypoint)

Another intersection of the tree walk with Hong Pak Country Trail. You will pass by here whether you went straight or went round the Hong Pak Country Trail.

Quarry Bay Tree Walk (Kornhill waypoint)

The walk ends here. Go down Greig Road, turn right into King's Road towards MTR Tai Koo Station. You may have an afternoon tea at Kornhill Plaza.