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What is itinemo?

itinemo means "itinerary to Nemo". Point Nemo is the point in the ocean that is farthest from land. It is also known as the oceanic pole of inaccessibility (one of the most inaccessible places on Earth). Nemo, in Latin language, means "no one". Everyone travels like no one else, and we look forward to seeing your unique itineraries. As a travel blog service provider and collective of itineraries and insights by travel bloggers around the world, itinemo aims to facilitate interactions between travellers and bloggers, and ultimately help bloggers and digital nomads to make a living by travelling. You may get started by planning your trip from scratch, or jump-start based on itineraries from others. Itineraries created are private by default. To inspire others and gain reputation, publish them on itinemo to a global audience in one click. You can do more by writing insights on attractions, travel tips, or any other travel-related articles.

Core Features

  • Personal travel website, with no technical setup or wordpress hosting
  • Responsive design, mobile optimized
  • Search engine optimized, for organic traffic growth
  • Social media friendly
  • Mult-language interface & attraction database
  • Custom theme colours
  • View & audience analytics
  • Monthly performance report
  • User comment notification
  • Installable web app (iOS, Android, Chrome for desktop)


  • Basic trip planner features
  • Real-time attraction check-in
  • Reminder of closed attractions
  • Trip map
  • Link to external route planning tools
  • Budget planning
  • Weather information
  • Photo upload
  • Collaboration with travel companions
  • Offline access (read-only using web app)
Example of itinerary: Little Hawaii Trail - Ancient Trail in Hong Kong

Insights (Blogs)

  • Location-oriented, with access to destination & attraction database
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • Text formatting (subset of Markdown syntax)
  • Interactive charts & tables
  • Embedded video
Example of blog: Accessible waterfall near Tseung Kwan O

Travel Books

  • Auto-generated content based on your itineraries and insights
  • Custom book cover & description
  • Maps by district
Example of travel book: abys @ Hong Kong

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